Immerse yourself in a beautiful gorge and natural surroundings

Nametoko Gorge is designated as one of the “100 best water source forests”. There are a number of highlights in the gorge including Yukiwa Falls, designated one of the “best 100 waterfalls in Japan”, clear water streaming down a gigantic monolith, and the scenic place known as “Senjojiki”, where haiku gatherings and tea ceremonies were once held. Take a relaxing drive through the countryside and finish off your day soaking in the local hot spring. Recharge yourself in natural surroundings far away from the everyday!

Day 1

  • Matsuyama

    2 hr 30 min
  • Nametoko Gorge

    A mystic gorge of beautiful mosses and clear streams

    Nametoko Gorge is located along the upper branch of the Meguro River, a tributary of the Shimanto River. It features smooth channels of eroded granite stone. The clear stream water gushing through huge rocks known as ‘Senjojiki’ or ‘Deainame is a particular highlight. Yukiwa Falls, streaming down a gigantic monolith, is an icon of Nametoko Gorge and designated as one of the “best 100 waterfalls in Japan”. The approximately 12 km of walking trails are well maintained. The gorge is a popular location for people to enjoy a walk through some incredible natural surroundings, especially during the seasons of spring greens and autumn leaves.

    30 min
  • Michi-no-Eki Nijinomori Koen Matsuno “Shimanto-gawa Gakushu Centre Osakana-kan”

    Meet the unique creatures of Japan’s last pristine river, Shimanto-gawa!

    “Shimanto-gawa Gakushu Centre Osakana-kan” exhibits creatures living in the pristine Shimanto River, from the upper streams of places such as the Nametoko Gorge down to the river estuary. This one-of-a-kind aquarium focuses on the freshwater fish of the Shimanto River. During weekends and public holidays don’t miss popular events such as the “Osampo Penguin”, a chance for a picture with the local penguins as they walk around the premises, or bathing time for the small performing crocodilian “Daigoro” (Cuvier’s dwarf caiman). In addition to the wildlife the local glass studio “Mori-no-Kuni Glass Kobo Kazane” manufactures eco-friendly recycled glass and offers tours demonstrating glass making, sandblasting and glassblowing (bookings required), as well as hands-on classes of glass art production.

    1 hr
  • Michi-no-Eki Minato Oasis Yawatahama Minatto “Minatto Koryukan”

    The new information centre of Yawatahama by the sea

    “Yawatahama Minatto ” is a roadside station by the sea in the port city of Yawatahama. Located in the city centre and accessible to high streets, it is a hub for tourism and community activities. The “Minatto Koryukan” is a great place to collect information on the city sights thanks to the knowledgeable staff. The neighbouring park is a great place for a walk. With a promenade along the port and a view of the terrace fields of Mikan (satsuma) in the distance, enjoy a walk in the sea breeze and gentle citrus flavours.

    45 min
  • JR Shimonada Station

    Enjoy sweeping sea views from the station platform

    JR Shimonada Station is a small seaside station on the outskirts of Iyo, famous for the sea view from its one and only platform. The station has been featured in movies and TV dramas, and is a popular place to take photos.

    The station is on the JR Yosan Line and less than an hour from Matsuyama Station. Riding one of the single-car trains that stops at Shimonada reminds some passengers of a scene from the popular Studio Ghibli animation Spirited Away. Passengers on the Iyonada Monogatari sightseeing train, which runs along the coast of Ehime, can alight at the station for a short break to take photographs and enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere.