Michi-no-Eki Minato Oasis Yawatahama Minatto “Minatto Koryukan” 道の駅 みなとオアシス 八幡浜みなっと「みなと交流館」

The new information centre of Yawatahama by the sea

“Yawatahama Minatto ” is a roadside station by the sea in the port city of Yawatahama. Located in the city centre and accessible to high streets, it is a hub for tourism and community activities. The “Minatto Koryukan” is a great place to collect information on the city sights thanks to the knowledgeable staff. The neighbouring park is a great place for a walk. With a promenade along the port and a view of the terrace fields of Mikan (satsuma) in the distance, enjoy a walk in the sea breeze and gentle citrus flavours.

Basic Infomation

Address 愛媛県八幡浜市字沖新田1581番地23
Hours Open 9am – 9:30pm
Tel 0894-21-3710
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