Michi-no-Eki Nijinomori Koen Matsuno “Shimanto-gawa Gakushu Centre Osakana-kan” 道の駅 虹の森公園まつの「四万十川学習センターおさかな館」

Meet the unique creatures of Japan’s last pristine river, Shimanto-gawa!

“Shimanto-gawa Gakushu Centre Osakana-kan” exhibits creatures living in the pristine Shimanto River, from the upper streams of places such as the Nametoko Gorge down to the river estuary. This one-of-a-kind aquarium focuses on the freshwater fish of the Shimanto River. During weekends and public holidays don’t miss popular events such as the “Osampo Penguin”, a chance for a picture with the local penguins as they walk around the premises, or bathing time for the small performing crocodilian “Daigoro” (Cuvier’s dwarf caiman). In addition to the wildlife the local glass studio “Mori-no-Kuni Glass Kobo Kazane” manufactures eco-friendly recycled glass and offers tours demonstrating glass making, sandblasting and glassblowing (bookings required), as well as hands-on classes of glass art production.

Basic Infomation

Address 愛媛県北宇和郡松野町延野々1510-1
Hours Open 10am – 5pm
Tel 0895-20-5006
Website Click here
Price [Osakana-kan] Adults (over 16) 900yen, Children (6-15) 400yen, Children (over 3) 200yen
[Experience glassblowing] from 3,090yen
[Experience sandblasting] 520yen + cost of materials