Explore the diversity of Ehime’s offerings from its iconic bathhouses and karst formations to its historical townscapes and dramatic whirlpools.

Stories & Guides

Get inspired for your journey to Ehime with these stories and guides, from sustainable travel adventures to stunning mountain scenery.

About Ehime

Get to know Ehime through its fascinating culture, stunning geography, bountiful nature, and scenic beauty.

Area Guide

Eastern Ehime (Toyo)

Cycle the Shimanami Kaido, explore the islands and whirlpools of the Seto Inland Sea, and delve into the Toyo region’s industrial heritage.

Central Ehime (Chuyo)

Explore imposing hilltop castles, iconic bath houses, vermillion shrines, otherworldly karst formations, and the tallest mountain in western Japan.

Southern Ehime (Nanyo)

Experience the heritage and natural beauty of southern Ehime through its historical townscapes, stunning mountain vistas, and the Uwakai Sea.