JR Shimonada Station JR下灘駅

Enjoy sweeping sea views from the station platform

JR Shimonada Station is a small seaside station on the outskirts of Iyo, famous for the sea view from its one and only platform. The station has been featured in movies and TV dramas, and is a popular place to take photos.

The station is on the JR Yosan Line and less than an hour from Matsuyama Station. Riding one of the single-car trains that stops at Shimonada reminds some passengers of a scene from the popular Studio Ghibli animation Spirited Away. Passengers on the Iyonada Monogatari sightseeing train, which runs along the coast of Ehime, can alight at the station for a short break to take photographs and enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere.

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Address 愛媛県伊予市双海町大久保
Tel 089-943-5101