Discover the Earth’s geology from sea level to 1,400m!

Explore nature’s geological wonders on terrain ranging from the sea-level Suzaki Kaigan coast of the Shikoku Seiyo Geopark (a National Geopark) to the Shikoku Karst 1,400 metres above sea level. Take a close look at the four-hundred-million-year-old strata on the Suzaki Kaigan coast. Then be overwhelmed by the power of Mother Nature in the huge gorges leading up to the Shikoku Karst where you can drive through extensive grasslands dotted with limestone rock outcrops.

Day 1

  • Matsuyama

    1 hr 45 min
  • Shikoku Seiyo Geopark

    Feel the mystery of the varied terrains of Earth

    Stretching throughout Seiyo city in Ehime, the Shikoku Seiyo Geo Park offers displays on the history, ecosystems, and geology of a range of terrains including ria coast, basin, river terrace, and Karst plateau on grounds ranging from 0 to 1,400m above sea level. Feel the workings of Mother Nature in combination with human activity in this diverse natural environment.

    1 hr 40 min
  • Izumidani Terraced Rice Fields

    See the seasonal beauty of these stone-lined terraced rice fields

    The Izumidani terraced rice fields are a brilliant sight. They are designated as one of Japan’s best 100 rice terraces, consisting of 95 paddy fields on a steep mountain slope. The rice harvested here is the highest quality thanks to abundance of clear spring water throughout the year. The terraced fields skillfully lined with stone display beautiful seasonal color variations such as shining spring greens, golden stems of rice glowing in the summer sunshine, and scarlet-watered terrace fields reflecting the evening sunsets.

    2 hr
  • Shikoku Karst

    A driving route touching the sky

    Karst topography is terrain created on the earth’s surface by dissolution of soluble rocks. The Karst highlands including Medurudaira and Onogahara extending approximately 25km, from 1,000m to 1,485m above sea level, are scenic driving routes. While the roads are closed during the snowy winter period, they are the perfect place to enjoy driving, cycling and camping through spring, summer and autumn. Relax and enjoy the refreshing scenery of cows feeding on a meadow or the starry sky at night.