Matsuyama Dogo Autumn Festival 松山道後秋祭り

Clashing of the Mikoshi shrines, a festival for real men!

This festival features the loud and lively “Hachiawase” (clashing of shrines) starting from 6:30am on 7 October in front of Dogo-Onsen station. Eight large portable shrines from eight local towns clash each other. Battles take place twice for each shrine, eight times in total and are known as the Kenka-Mikoshi (fighting shrines). The portable shrines are jolted against each other while the “Mikoshi Mamori” (Mikoshi defenders), the young men supporting the Mikoshi shrines, push with all their might. In addition to the Hachiawase, the Miya-ire (taking the Mikoshi into the Isaniwa Shrine) and Miya-dashi (taking the Mikoshi out of the Isaniwa Shrine) are other festival features not to be missed. The large Mikoshi shrines being taken up the 135 steep stone steps of the Isaniwa Shrine is a spectacular sight as they appear to be driven up solely on the enthusiastic energy of the porters!

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